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Green tech: At the beauty salon, be the girl with green hair


You can be the eco-conscious girl with green hair if you patronize beauty salons that use green hair-care products.

Hair dyes, shampoos, and other such products have traditionally contained synthetic chemicals that can harm the user and the environment. But an increasing number of hair care salons are saying “no” to that tradition. They’re stocking environment-friendly products and using them on their customers.

It’s a trend that first took hold–of course–in California. But the trend is spreading to other parts of the US. An article in Scientific American advises you to just Google “green hair salons” plus your state abbreviation and you may be surprised to find one–or more–near you.

And if you can’t find a local green hair salon, you can nag your favorite salon into turning green. Urge your hairdressers to use the increasing number of hair-care options that are safer for their clients and the world. Some brand names to look for: EcoColors, Aveda, Modern Organic Products or Innersense

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