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Griffin unveils volume-limiting headphones for kids


Griffin tells us that there is an easier way to get your brat to lower the volume on his headphones than that bribe that you have been planning to bestow in return. Just get him a pair of their latest offering – MyPhones volume-limiting headphones.

The MyPhones headphones have a built-in voice limiting system to prevent the volume from going above a 85 decibel limit, thereby protecting children from hearing loss due to sudden, uncontrolled excessives in volume. They are designed with soft-rubber washable earpads that sit just over the ear, with an adjustable band for better comfort. The headphones have tuned 30mm drivers within a custom designed shell and connect to audio-out via a standard 3.5mm stereo mini plug with a 50″ cable.

And oh, the bait – MyPhones can be customized with your child’s choice of earcaps and carrying case, whose designs they can even share with their friends over the internet. Due to be released in October for .

Via ipodnn.

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