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Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers will leave you cold and broke


Okay, now that the idea of putting up an iceberg on the mantle was your battle won, all you need is to win another one and convince your family to loan you one grand. After which, you can remain assured that the Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers can grace that coveted spot you fought so hard for.

Though the only observable uniqueness of the GLA-55 seems to be the artistic cut-glass motif which gives the appearance of the speakers being embedded in ice sculpture, Harman Kardon claims that they deliver “stunning sound” as well. That too minus subwoofer, and “numerous proprietary technologies to provide the highest audio quality”. Apparently, the Atlas AL woofers and CMMD tweeters that the speakers are built on, deliver a great bass response and accurate high frequencies. Add to that DSP processing and touch-sensitive volume controls, and you just heard of the most expensive speakers ever. Instinct must be given its due while it still struggles to get you away from this 9.99 eye candy.

Via Coolest Gadgets.

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