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SONOS PLAY 3 Music System

Play 3 by Sonos is the all-in-one wireless home music system that easily streams music into any (and every) room of the house from pretty much anywhere. Play 3 refers to the 3 state-of the-art digital amplifiers individually coupled with 3 speakers which kick butt (tech term.)

Easy breezy set-up plus you can control the music wirelessly using a free app for your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone. And you can stream music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Sirius, as well as your home music library, iTunes, etc.

It’s compact, versatile – the speakers work horizontally or vertically — and a good price for the audio quality ($299.) Anyone would be happy to find this under their tree!

Available at Target.


Here’s another personal security gizmo, aimed at giving you some peace of mind. It’s basically an alarm built into backpacks, laptop bags and fanny packs (we assume they call them “waist bags,” because fanny packs are such a fashion faux pas.)

It’s very simple to operate – you pull a pin – and weighs less than 1 lb with batteries installed. The hidden alram sends off a shriek which hopefully will send the attacker running or summon help.

Handy for joggers, travelers and a great gift for an active Grandparent.

$39.99 at iSafe Bags.

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