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Holiday Gift List Challenge- Win a $100 Gift Card from American Express!

What kind of gifter are you? I just took this American Express quiz which says I’m a “creative” gifter. I think this is accurate if that means I think about gifts for ages, dog-ear catalogs and magazines, ask questions all year, and then hurriedly try to get the gifts starting on about, oh December 21st, when I have to pay as much for express shipping as I do for the gifts. American Express has developed a “shopping personality program” to help people like me (and like most people, I think) who have shopping personality disorder. American Express would like to help people shop smarter, and better manage their gift budgets. American Express has challenged me to be the best “creative gifter” I can be, and so with 150,000 American Express Gold membership points. I am going to try and get the perfect gifts for my sister, husband, niece, nephew, and son. My challenge, obviously, will be learning to be creative while getting really nice gifts for a lot of people. This is my problem- I tend to overspend for one or two people and end up short-changing others because I haven’t thought about my budget. This year will be different.

Over the next few days, I’ll be spending time on the Membership Rewards site, as well as on to look for my perfect gifts. ShopAmex lets you combine membership points with your American Express card for more shopping choices. I’ll be writing more posts about my shopping progress, and updating you on the gifts I find.

And the best part about the Holiday Gift List Challenge?

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