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Hourglass coffee maker drips coffee as you doze


What caught my attention about this Hourglass Coffee Maker was not its looks. Not even that it is an ingenious idea to use the hourglass to churn out great coffee. But that you need to use cold water to make a cuppa with this fella. Now that is not something that is wired into our brains, is it?

The portable Hourglass coffee maker has two sections – the upper one where you put in the coffee grounds, pour cold water and leave overnight. And expect “uncommonly smooth gourmet” coffee to collect in the lower section as you walk in the next morning. Apparently, the cold brewing cuts out the acidity in the coffee by almost 70%, and gives a brew that’s “distinctively smooth with a full bodied rich flavor and a sweeter taste profile” than when hot brewed. That also means you can refrigerate and reuse the coffee, simply because there’s little acid to ruin the taste over time. The coffee maker is spill-proof, shatter-proof and uses a permanent stainless steel filter inside so you don’t have to buy paper filters either.

Just make sure you set up your coffee before you pop those lights off, or you might miss your morning cuppa. Costs .95.

Via The Gadgeteer.

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