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IDAPT Universal Desktop Charger


So, it probably goes without saying that everyone here at Popgadget can safely be classified as a geek (though I think there may be a nerd or two among us, but a deliberation on the differences between the two is for another time). Anyway, as geeks go, there is a tendency to have significant charging needs to keep all of our gadgets up and running.

I’ve personally been a fan of the universal adapter for a long time. One in the house, one in the car, and only to buy a new tip on occasion to fit the latest mobile device. Only problem is the unsightliness of the cords. IDAPT provides an elegant, desktop solution to this dilemma. Easy-in device tips allow you to simultaneously charge up to three devices without all the clutter. Perfect for your nightstand, kitchen counter, desk, or wherever you charge.

The IDAPT comes with the six most common tips, including iPhone / iPod, Samsung, Nokia, and USB mini and micro. Additional tips can be purchased online. Available starting in May, the IDAPT has an MSRP of .99 and will come in black and white models.

Let it be your single cord solution.

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