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In Case of an Emergency, C.Y.A. with the Sterling Multi PowerStation

In case of a natural disaster, the Red Cross suggests that we have a couple of emergency kits prepared for each possible event – tornado, hurricane, fire, etc. Each kit should have basic survival fare like water, food, tools, and a first-aid kit. But what happens if you need to call for help and your cell phone has gone dead.


If you’re smart enough to seek out this device, you’ll never have to answer that question. The Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a functional and practical gadget to have around in case of an emergency. The PowerStation is a hand-cranked, solar-powered gadget that can solve your power problems with a turn of the wrist. The device can fully recharge the included 3 AA rechargeable batteries, play FM/AM radio, and light a LED flashlight.

The best part of this potential lifesaver is its ability to charge cell phones and other mobile device through the packaged adapters. Unfortunately, this is currently a Japan-exclusive, so if you want to add this handy gizmo to your emergency kit, you’ll have to export it over. But at plus shipping fees, this isn’t a bad piece of tech to have in the collection, especially when disaster strikes.

Via Gizmodo

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