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Infinite USB port system


Many new laptop models sacrifice multiple USB ports to be much more slim and streamlined. There are various gadgets and devices to address that problem, like the cute animal-themed USB hubs we featured a few months ago, or just the regular boring ones you can get from any electrical store.

Now designer Gonglue Jiang has devised another system which gives you even more USB freedom. The infinite USB concept aims to give you an unlimited amount of USB ports, as each cable has another on the back. Although the concept has been called “infinite” I imagine there would be problems if you wanted to add more than 5 devices this way, the power may not be as strong and it’d also be annoying if you wanted to unplug the one in the middle. However, it’s an interesting solution and different to the usual USB hubs available in stores.

Visit Gonglue Jiang’s website for more innovative design concepts.

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