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InnoTab Learning Tablet : Baby iPad?


As all parents know, since the day they’re born, our offspring want to play with our electronics.
Little ones are so clever, they often can’t be fooled with a “toy” phone, or plastic tablet.

Vtech recommends their new InnoTablet, a colorful version of Mommy’s iPad, for ages 4-9. I suggest age one, before they make a grab for our technology.

But if you give it to them early enough, there’s lots for your youngster to enjoy, such as the interactive reading, learning games, creative activities, and a varried aps in the body of a solid (read: durable) package.

Featuring a 5″ color touch screen and tilt-sensor, kids can tap, flick, drag, and pat/pound their way to through applications such as an MP3 Player, Video Player, Art Studio, Interactive Globe, Friends List, Calculator, and Clock.

Additional content such as e-books and learning games can easily be uploaded to the InnoTab through VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator and it comes with a 64MB onboard memory and SD card slot for memory expansion.

To really test it, we gave it to a two year old, who was instantly transfixed. She loved the Music app and then the E Reader, and after showing her how to “tap” on the icons she was off. By tomorrow, the parents will need to download more games.

The learning toy connects to PC/Mac with included USB cable, but beware — once your munchkin is on your computer, you’re not getting it back.

For parents who don’t want a toddler drooling on their expensive tablet, or don’t own a tablet, the Vtech InnoTab is great gift for baby, at $79.

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