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iNo Mobile simplifies the cellphone for kids and elderly




I do not know how I would react if my grandchild were to gift me a “for-elderly-only” gadget that would have nothing but the bare essentials, with the statement “The xxx device is the current rage Grandma, but I thought you needed one that’s as simple to get around as ABC”. One thing I know for certain – I would be saddened by my age being automatically assigned with a diminished learning ability. But for now, it gives me some hope to think that I am still several years away from that possibility and I resolve now to remain somewhat open to the idea, if ever. Sigh.

The iNo CP09 is another such GSM cellphone for kids and elderly that tears down the features to a minimum – a basic calculator-like screen with a large font display, large buttons, FM radio, torch light, headphone jack, and text messaging. And since both the categories of people are often imagined courting emergencies, there is an SOS button which when pressed sends a text alarm to a configured number and calls that number. Along with letting out a loud siren. Imagine the havoc a child could create with that. Whew.

The iNo Mobile is available exclusively in Singapore at .

Via Newlaunches.

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