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IREX’s Digital Reader is Ready for its Closeup

The battle of the e-readers is really heating up with the addition of yet another contender. The new reader, the Irex DR800SG hails from IREX Technologies. According to the press release, 8.1-inch touchscreen e-reader uses electronic paper display technology that will give users the feeling that they’re reading a traditional paper better than tablets and netbooks, It also boast faster page turning speeds and customizable read settings.


Equipped with 3G multi-mode functionality, the Irex is unloading the big guns, able to access 3G networks worldwide. In addition, the device has some big name companies backing it up including world’s largest book seller, Barnes & Nobles which means that greedy bookworms will have over 750,000 titles to devour and that includes new releases and bestsellers. Verizon Wireless will be on hand to provide the 3G connectivity while Qualcomm, wireless telecommunications company will be providing its mobile broadband technology via the Gobi multi-mode 3G embedded module.

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