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Jenny McCarthy and Ubisoft Team Up For New Fitness Game

First Jillian Michaels, now Jenny McCarthy, it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the fitness gaming craze. Started by the highly successful Wii Fit, fitness games appeal to people that may not have the time to get to the gym or don’t want to spend their hard-earned dollars on a gym membership.


Your Shape
, Ubisoft’s addition to the fitness genre hopes to surpass Wii Fit’s impressive sales numbers with more precise exercise movements, a little innovation, and a little help from funny woman Jenny McCarthy filling the spot of your in-game workout buddy. The Nintendo exclusive game features over 400 exercises including strength training, toning, and cardio. Unlike other fitness games, Your Shape is totally Wiimote free. So how does the game make sure your doing the exercise? Simple. Your Shape will be debuting the first ever camera for the Nintendo Wii.

The included camera will scans your body and detects your movements. After the initial scan, it projects your image onto the TV screen so you can watch your movements. As you exercise, the camera will be monitoring your motion to ensure you’re not phoning it in and have the correct form. If you’re slacking, or just not getting the movement down, Jenny will help you correct your form in real time.

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