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Juicy Couture Goes Geeky

As if the obnoxious sweatpants with their name across the ass weren’t enough, the folks at Juicy Couture have unleashed their latest travesty upon the unsuspecting masses — the Juicy Couture “Back To School” Flexi Keyboard. Hoping to appeal to the geek girl diva crowd, the rubber and silicone number comes in bubblegum pink, because as you know, women are just suckers for anything pretty and pink (eye roll). The lettering on the keyboard is done in Juicy’s usual Old English lettering.


Cheap marketing ploy aside, this USB keyboard does have some good points. The rubber and silicone body lets users roll it up like a yoga mat, making it totally portable. It’s also Mac and PC friendly.

The fancy pants keyboard is retailing at Nordstrom for a whopping , a little pricey for a keyboard, but such is the price of couture I guess.

Via CoolestGadgets

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