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Kakuzai wooden memo block brings nature to your desk


Though popular “green” advice admonishes that you think of the tree you are helping to axe down whenever you waste paper, it is difficult to generate the required amount of guilt every time you feed a smooth, white sheet of paper into the shredder. Not to mention that the arboreal origins of that paper is perhaps the last thing that would cross your mind.

The Kakuzai memo block can be of great help under such circumstances as it is designed to make the tree-paper connection more perceptible, literally. The memo block resembles an actual block of wood, while each of the 1200 post-it notes that it dispenses looks like a section cut off from an actual tree. Writing on a sheet of paper that looks like grains of wood can be a bit unnerving, but well, the point is to be frugal with paper now, isn’t it?

The Kakuzai memo block is priced at for a block of 1200 notes.

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