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KeyFolio : Keyboard for Your iPad


Tapping on a screen for an e-mail is just fine and dandy for a quick e-mail but what about when you need to compose a lengthy reply or, god forbid, write a review? As much as I love my iPad, I sometimes miss the basic keyboard. That’s why Kensington developed the KeyFolio which serves as your case and stand, and adds a wireless keyboard.

The rubberized keys not only cushion your iPad screen from bumps and scratches when the folio is closed, but if you spill a cup of coffee on it (oh, like that has never happened to you!) it just wipes off.

And since the case is “magnet-free” it doesn’t interfere with the iPad’s digital compass. In just the few days that I’ve had it, it’s become my favorite case.

$99.99 from Kensington.

iPad keyboard – pros and cons

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