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Kingston creates record, releases monster 256GB thumb drive


Seven years down the memory lane, I still remember the times when at the end of a day’s work at office, I would have to erase the paltry few MB of data on my 256MB thumb drive to accommodate a few files that I would take home to complete pending documentation. That seems like eons ago as I sit here, seeing a picture of this monstrous 256GB thumb drive from Kingston – the first ever in the world – with shivers of excitement down my spine.

Kingston has just released the Kingston DataTraveler 300 – a 256GB thumb drive which will allow a whopping 51,000 images, or 54 DVDs, or 365 CDs, or a database of documents which in an analog world would translate into a 1km paper tower. This beast is plug-n-play, has a 20 MB/sec. read and 10 MB/sec. write speeds, with a “Password Traveler” security software for Windows, and supports Windows ReadyBoost on Windows Vista systems.

Well, not everyone can rejoice just yet though since the release is only for Europe and the UK. And for those of you who can, it won’t be unreasonable if you expect to win a lottery to be able to buy one – it is priced an equally monstrous 4.

Via Engadget.

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