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Kodak and Facebook: So Happy Together

With the battle of the pocket camcorders fully underway, Kodak is swinging for the fences with the latest addition to it’s mini-camcorder Z series, the Zi8 Pocket Video Camera. Set to release in September, the zi8 has a 4x digital zoom and takes video in 1080p HD. Still images aren’t too shabby at a respectable 5 megapixels.

It also has a 2.5 inch LCD screen, image stabilization and face detection. Additional features include built-in microphone, 128 of internal memory that can be expanded upon thanks to the SD/SDHD expansion slot. And like the Flip mini-camcorder, it can upload videos to YouTube with ease.


So what’s sets it apart from the Flip Ultra HD? The Zi8 has Facebook support which means you can upload all your cinematic antics to Facebook with the same ease that you can upload video to YouTube.

Available in black, red, and blue the Zi8 is selling for 9 so if you’re a Facebook fanatic, you might want to check this out in September.

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