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Kudamemo: Delicious fruit slices can be your memo(ry) aids


The last thing you would want to do with such gorgeous fruit is feed them to that unforgiving abyss called the stomach. And that too when they can sit so pretty on your table, radiating a mysterious sense of calm each time you steal a glance. Which is why someone has already ensured that these beauties are not at all edible, to begin with. These “slices” of fruit (apple and pear) are post-it note dispensers called Kudamemo.

Amazed, huh? Not surprising at all, this great design by D-BROS caught us unawares too. These beautiful memo dispensers derive the name Kudamemo from the Japanese word for fruit, “Kudamono”. Each fruit can dispense 150 mini memos which aren’t self-sticking like their clinical 3M cousins. But really, that’s little worry considering that it is a piece of art on your desktop that we are looking at, isn’t it?

A single “fruit” can be ordered at 1,890 yen () or a crate of 6 at 11,340 yen (0) that comes complete with a cardboard casing within which the fruits lie cuddled in their nets. “Eating” healthy cannot get better or easier than this. Contact Rinkya Stores for ordering information.

Via Inventorspot.

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