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LaCie launches Sound2 designer speakers, keeps it within affordable reach


Those glamor kids at LaCie have created something eye-catching again. This time, it is a pair of gorgeous high-end speakers called Sound2, designed by Neil Poulton in collaboration with acoustic engineering company Cabasse.

The Sound2 speakers not only look like a pair of conventional loudspeakers as they rest on your desk, but also claim high quality sound because they use the same sound engineering technology that is built into Cabasse’s high-end loudspeakers. The setup itself is a no-brainer – the speakers connect rather simply to your computer via USB or to audio/video devices such as MP3 players and PMPs via the line-in port, with no driver installations being required. What you get under the hood is a Class D Digital Amplifier, magnetic shielding, a bass reflex system, and a 30W total peak output. The speakers also have built-in USB cable, and a dual power mode which means you can use them with a USB cable or with the included power supply.

The Sound2 speakers will be available through LaCie online, or in stores at a price of £89 (about USD 2).

Via Pocket-lint.

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