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LED Kimono Takes the Stage

There’s something about LEDs and clothing that really gets me, provided it’s done well. You won’t catch me within 100 feet of one of those cheesy light-up holiday sweaters, especially those garish Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer deals. This kimono however, has class and sophistication that negates the gimmicky feel of the LED lighting.


The kimono was created by performing artist/composer Miya Masaoka. The garment’s sleeve has 444 LED that are individually controlled. The lights respond primarily to sound and the movement of the wearer. Future iterations of the kimono will allow it to function more as a smart garment with the ability to improvise, listen, and react to its environment.

It looks a little bulky with the lights on, but once the lights are dimmed, this piece of performance art becomes a fluid showcase of captivating light and movement.

Via FashioningTech

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