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Liquid Wood could soon nudge out plastic from homes


Soon, it maybe easier to “green” up your home by doing away with plastic and bringing in household items made from a natural alternative. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany are hard at work trying to make a substance called “Liquid Wood” a reality for household use. This substance, whose actual name is Arboform, is derived from a material called lignin that is leftover during the paper-making process in cellulose industries. Lignin is then mixed with fine natural fibers made of wood, hemp or flax and natural additives such as wax to derive a plastic-like material that can be use to create household items.

It seems that Arboform is already used in car parts and other durable items, but its foray into homes had been blocked by its high sulphur content. With the current research, it has been possible to reduce the sulphur content in Arborform by about 90 percent, making it much safer for use in everyday items. And eco supporters can also be happy to know it is highly recyclable. We are living in truly exciting times.

Via Core77.

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