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LoJack for Your Lingerie

“Find Me If You Can” is the name of the latest line of lingerie at The name, meant to be cute, kind of loses its meaning once you discover the skimpy bits of cloth meant to get pulses racing has a GPS tracker sewn-in to the ensemble.


Designed by Lucia Lorio, the sexy outfit is comprised of a lace bodice, bikini-cut panties, and a huge pacemaker-like contraption included on the bodice. The purpose of the lingerie is to make the wearer feel safe. (Um, huh?) The GPS has a login and password for the wearer’s partner so they can track the object of their desires every move on the internet.

I guess I get it. It can be sexy to have that always being watched feeling…not! Personally this is a little too close to cyberstalking for my taste. Even though the woman has the choice to turn the GPS on and off as she please, I still can hear the delighted sighs of jealous partners everywhere.

Amazingly the sexy tracking device has been selling in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 00. The more advanced GPS model costs 50. No word if this little get-up will make it to the states, but I hope not.

Via Gizmodo, GizmoWatch

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