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Massage Chair Makes You Feel Like a "Pure Lady"

There are times when a girl just needs a good massage, but who wants to pay all that money? And better yet who has the time to rush of to some fancy spa? No worries, comfort comes from the land of the rising sun.


The Pure Lady Message Chair is a portable number that will melt all your troubles away with its soothing massaging air bags that delivers accupressure to all your sore spots. Made of synthetic leather, the chair massages feet, calves, butt, waist and back while you sit and wonder what you ever did without this chair. The waist and back message are said to mimic the motions of a Shiatsu massage.

When you’ve been massaged back into good spirits, you simply fold it up into a neat little box. There’s a handle and wheels on the bottoms so your can roll it to somewhere inconspicuous without any hassle. Or you can use it as a nifty stool where you can kick back and smell the roses.

Available in red and white or plain white, there’s no word on pricing or if this product will come stateside, but there are millions of aching backs and feet that are hoping they can order this product soon.

Via Born Rich

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