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MinoHD’s New Attitude

As the market for affordable, easy to use, pocket camcorders has become more competitive, one can’t simply rest on it’s laurels and rake in the dough. Feeling the hot breath from Apple, Kodak, and JVC on the nape of its neck, Flip is coming out swinging. Almost a year after its debut, the Flip MinoHD is back with some awesome upgrades.

Billing itself as “the world’s sleekest HD camcorder”, the MinoHD is definitely a looker with it’s brushed metal front and rounded edges. If you’re tired of the same old black and white gadgets, you can always spruce up your Flip using the pattern generator, design gallery or even use one of your own images to give it that unique bit of panache that you’re looking for.


Looks aside, the second generation Mino comes with twice the storage space (4GB to 8GB) which translates into twice the recording time (60 mins to 120 mins). In addition, the MinoHD also has a larger screen than the previous model. Like its predecessor, the 2nd gen MinoHD still shoots video at 720p at 30fps. And with the 2X digital zoom, you can rest assured that the video quality is still there.

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