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MIX STIX can help you drum your way through the kitchen


They are cooking “gadgets” that double up as drumsticks, but not of the eating kind. MIX STIX is an innovative set of wooden spoons that can not only help you rustle up your meal in style, but also aid your musical inclinations by becoming a pair of drumsticks as you flip them around.

Designed by Ignacio Pilotto & Jason Amendolara, MIX STIX are a pair of beechwood spoons, one solid and the other slotted like a musical note, and made specifically for dual use as spoons-cum-drumsticks. Sounds pretty logical, doesn’t it?

Now I wonder if there is any amongst us who hasn’t used kitchen cutlery for purposes other than cooking – breaking into impromptu musical compositions, for instance. Or letting your spouse know explicitly that you are frustrated with the day’s proceedings, for another. Thank your stars that nobody has let their imaginations stretch as far as the latter idea just yet.

Watch out for the spoon sisters to hit Urban Outfitters stores this fall.

Via OhGizmo.

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