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Monster announces Miles Davis Tribute limited edition headphones


Lady Gaga move over, and collectors sit up once more – Monster has announced yet another limited edition “in-ear” headphones, this time as a tribute to legendary trumpeter Miles Davis.

Created in conjunction with Miles Davis Properties, LLC, the new headphones, called Miles Davis Tribute headphones, will bear the official name and signature of the musician himself. The headphones will sport a gold/brass finish directly inspired by the actual trumpet played by Miles Davis, with his silhouette and signature on the earpiece. There’s more music for your ears – those who choose to afford the limited edition headphones will also be blessed with the official 50th anniversary boxed set of the artist’s album Kind of Blue, featuring two music CDs, a DVD and a 24-page booklet. Plus, Monster offers a great one-time Limited Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on the Miles Davis headphones, meaning you break the headphones accidentally and Monster will replace them at no charge.

Pricing and availability is not yet known, but stock up on some hard cash if you are planning to be on the list.

Via Slippery Brick.

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