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Mood Chair determines your emotional state from your hind quarters


Ladies and gentlemen, this is “interactive” furniture of the most useless kind – a concept called the Mood Chair by UK based designers Aether & Hemera. And after some more wasted minutes spent in trying to understand its utility, I fail to find one.

The Mood Chair apparently has sensors that take cue from the user and the environment to determine his/her emotional disposition. That’s not all. After the internal circuitry – consisting of “LEDs, embedded micro-chips, appropriate sensors and custom software” – can take stock of your mood while you are on it, the chair changes color to broadcast it to anybody who’s around, and interested. Guess how infallible that can be.

For the others who jumped up in anticipation, we have no clue when this thing might get into the stores. If ever.

Catch a video after the break.

Via technabob.

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