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MovieWedge brings mini theatre to your lap



Often attribute your stiff neck to the long, arduous hours of movie watching on your portable media player as you cradle it within your palm? Try the simple solution – prop it against a small stack of books. Or balance it upright against a wall. Or rummage around and create a makeshift stand. Not simple enough? Well then, you could stop watching movies on your PMP altogether, dammit. Or

Get yourself a MovieWedge – the ingenious little stand that can comfortably cradle your iPod, iPhone or virtually any media player. The MovieWedge is a triangular soft stand that can hold up on uneven and unsteady surfaces, or assume different angles based on requirement. The stand itself is a body of microsuede fabric that can also double up as a screen cleaner for your device. Plus, the stand can work irrespective of the case or covering that your device is in. Totally effective.

In all, imagine how much pain you can dispel by shelling out just .95.

Via Slashgear.

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