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New Site Promises to Help in Search for Perfect Gadget

The holidays are coming up and you’re eager to find the perfect gadget as a gift to someone special or yourself. The problem is with all the different brand names, specifications, price differences, and hype, how do you find the right product for the job? Let’s face it, tech can be expensive and there’s nothing worse than shelling out hundreds of dollars on the a piece of equipment that you either don’t know how to use or worse is the absolute wrong product for the job.


There’s a new search engine that can make the decision-making process a little easier. Measy is a website that helps the not-so-tech savvy locate the correct gizmo. The site is pretty simple to use. Choose the type of gadget you’re shopping for (smartphone, digital camera, etc.) and you’re given a quick quiz that narrows down your choices. If you’re looking for a smartphone, you’ll be asked about budget, texting, and carrier and their level of importance.Through the process of elimination, Measy picks the best device based on your answers.

The site displays general specs and features of each product. There are also links to reviews from reputable tech sites to help bolster the choice and give you a little reassurance so when you go into the store you know exactly what you want. That way you won’t part with more money than necessary because a smarmy salesperson sold you more gadget than you actually need.

Measy is currently in beta, so the amount of products to choose from in some categories is a little small, but hopefully with a little more time and elbow grease, the site can be a go-to resource when shopping for tech.

Via Mobile Crunch

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