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Nokia launches diamond encrusted Vertu handset


As Apple fans and tech geeks all over the world await the launch of the iPhone 5 next week, those with enough money to burn are much more interested in the luxury handset market.

Nokia’s luxury division, called Vertu, has recently added a new diamond encrusted QWERTY keyboard into its handset range and wow does it look fancy!

At $6,800 the phone isn’t for the regular iPhone or BlackBerry user, with its gold frame, multiple diamond encrusted case and keys made of precious stones.

It’s not just nice to look at either, it has a pretty capable built-in camera and Nokia’s new operating system inside.

Now we admit it’s very impressive, but would you ever want to use it out in public? It’s probably just one to sit back and admire for now!

[Via Bornrich]

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