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ODM Chocolate watches are a timeless indulgence


There was one predominant feeling as soon as I saw this chocolate-y brown watch (first in the image above) that I just couldn’t ignore – hunger (physical), and given the fact that I had just had a satisfying lunch, accompanying fear (mental) that my carefully thought-out diet plan for the week was about to be tossed out into the wind pretty soon.

Well seriously, this series of digital watches from ODM are inspired by the sinful delicacy called chocolate, and though only one of them truly looks close to being one, all of them have been designed to give the effect of a bar of (foldable?) chocolate being wrapped around your wrist. Looks cool, is water resistant and is pretty reasonably priced too, at around . I only think that its funkiness can be carried off only by teenagers, though. Atleast, you can relax knowing that your kids are buying the healthiest chocolate that they can.

Via Design Milk.

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