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Ora concept watch puts time on loopy rolls of tape


I think I just discovered the reason behind this wildly growing breed of unusual timepieces that promise to somehow make our experience of time lapse more interesting, and perhaps more tolerable. Well, blame it on the science called “Haute Horlogerie” – a field that specializes in the art of complicated watch making with the intention to replace the conventional dial arrangement of ordinary mechanical watches with a totally novel concept of time display.


And into that exclusive category goes this totally first-rate concept watch called Ora. Designed by Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos, Ora throws out the conventional dial completely, and instead replaces it with 3 rolls of interconnected measuring tape arranged diagonally above a gear mechanism. The rolls indicate the hour, minute, and day as they are pulled to correct position by the motorized gears below. Awesome or what. Pity you cannot put your hand through one just yet, the Ora is currently only a concept.

Catch some more images after the break.

Via technabob.

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