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Orb Bluetooth Headset is the geekiest jewellery ever


Those sleek-looking futuristic gizmos with superior intelligence (and zero failure rate) need no longer be confined to the enjoyment of sci-fi movie stars, or superheroes alone. Or so it seems, looking at this awesome bluetooth headset called the Orb.

Developed through a partnership between Hybra Advance Technology Inc. and AbsolutelyNew Inc., this overwhelmingly fresh design redefines the otherwise common bluetooth headset completely – when not in use, the Orb transforms into an elegant finger ring which displays caller ID, calendar items and voice-to-text info on its flexible organic light emitting diode (FOLED) display. Activate the headset simply by slipping it off your finger and twisting it into an S-shaped length of silver that can be unobtrusively hung over your ear.

The Orb is expected to launch in two editions next year – the base model in January (without display, priced 9), and the Deluxe model in April (with FOLED display, priced 5). I am keeping my fingers crossed. And ready.


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