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Own a Portable Rosetta Stone

Traveling to a foreign country is always exciting, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone speaks English. Thanks to Nomenta Industries, you can conquer the language barrier without totally butchering it. The Trinvo TR01 Talking Translator is a handy device that is the globe-trotting traveler’s new best friend.


The translator can cross-translate in 12 languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Manadarin), French and Spanish to name a few. It comes loaded with 750 commonly spoken travelers’ phrases, 2500 words for each language, and 8 categories of “fast search desire questions.” Each spoken in a clear, easy to understand human voice.eliminating the time-intensive, frustrating and often embarrassing experience of trying to get your point across in a language you can barely pronounce. It also has nifty sightseeing tips for each language.

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