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Period Relief is a Pill Away

One day soon, period pain might be a thing of the past thanks to a new drug currently being tested. This possible boon to womankind is being tested and developed by Vantia Therapeutics. Designated VA111913, the pill, taken orally, could potentially take the place of current methods of alleviating menstrual cramps including aspirin.


According to recent trials, the pill levels out the muscle contractions that are the main cause of painful cramps. With Phase I testing deemed a success, Phase II of the testing will include “128 women aged between 18 and 25 in the UK and the US.” The results of the testing should be ready for review sometime in 2010.

If testing is successful, the drug could be available in as little as four years. Until then, women the world over will have to grin and bear it and keep their fingers crossed.

Via Gizmag

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