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Play Your Child a Lullaby with Lullabelly

It’s been proven that babies do hear and respond to noises in the womb and do enjoy an nice tune every now and then. For those parents that want to provide your child with some soothing tunes while still in the womb, the Lullabelly iPod speaker belt is just for you.


The Prenatal Music Belt wraps comfortably around pregnant bellies and has a front pocket to store your mp3 player or other accessories. Simply plug your player into the Lullabelly into the built in speaker and let the concert begin. You can play soothing sounds or read your unborn child a story via an audio book. There’s also a dual adapter included in the deluxe edition so mommy and baby can both listen as well as a speaker volume control so you can protect baby’s sensitive ears.According to the site, the highest decibel Lullabelly can reach is the equivalent of a telephone ringing.

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