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PlayStation’s New PSP is a "Go"

The PSP Go hits stores today for 9.99. Billing itself as “the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet”, the Go comes with 16GB of memory and is the first handheld gaming console to break the bonds of cartridges and discs going totally digital. According to, gamers can access 225 games and over 16,000 pieces of content from the PlayStation Store.


Approximately 43% smaller than previous PSP models, the Go weighs in a barely there 158g and is very pocket-friendly at 128 mm (W) x 69 mm (H) x 16.5 mm. The 3.8-inch screen with 480 x 272p resolution slides up to reveal the controls where I see Sony has decided to stick with the one analog stick model (sigh). Bluetooth and WiFi enabled gamers should be able to get their game on whenever and wherever the urge strikes as well as stay connected with friends via Skype.

Besides the steep price tag, the only drawback is that a way for owners of previous PSP models to transfer their UMD games over to the Go has yet to appear. Other than that, the Go appears to be a pretty solid piece of hardware with a lot of content to keep customers hungry for more.

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