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Polaroid PoGo is Notalgic Fun with a Twist

Call me old-fashioned, but there was something about those old school Polaroid cameras that really made me smile. The anticipation of waiting for the photo to develop coupled with the various methods people had to make the picture develop were priceless. Were you a picture waver, a blower, a combination of the two or did you have your own method? With the advent of digital cameras, we no longer have that kind of “stop and smell the roses” type of fun, or do we?


The folks over at Polaroid have found a way to bring that trademark Polaroid fun into the digital era. Their latest camera, the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera, lets users print their photos on the spot. The Pogo combines a digital camera with a digital printer, the first camera to do so. The camera is a five megapixel point and shoot model with 4X digital zoom. The camera comes with a 3-inch LCD screen to preview your images as well as crop and edit as necessary.

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