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PS3 Goes "Slim", Announces Price Drop

Since the start of the next-gen wars, Sony has taken a consistent trouncing from Nintendo and Microsoft, sinking wistfully sinking into the mire of third best selling console. But from the announcements made at GamesCom in Germany, It’s seems that Sony isn’t ready to throw i the towel, in fact it looks they’re ready to come out swinging this holiday season.


Sony just unveiled a smaller, sexier PlayStation 3 dubbed the PS3 slim. The Slim cuts the fat in some substantial ways. It’s 36% lighter, 32% smaller and uses 34% less power than the standard PS3. But where it loss the extra weight it gained some serious muscle in the form of a 120 HDD. For a mere 0, gamers can get their hands on the Slim on September 1st, with stores like K-Mart and Sears.

In anticipation of the new arrival, Sony has dropped the prices on all existing PS3, but it seems kind of crazy to shell out 0 on a 80GB unit when you have a better version retailing at the same price in a few weeks. The question still remains, will this be enough to turn Sony’s fortune around?

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