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Pure Sensia: A Treat for the Ears and Hands

PURE, maker of the wildly popular Flip HD video camcorders is giving the radio a much needed upgrade. The PURE Sensia takes DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and WiFi and brings them under one futuristic looking roof, the first radio to do so. Just turn on the Sensia and the WiFi will stream internet radio and podcasts from all over the web. In addition you can also tap into your computer or storage device and stream music to the Sensia. And if you need a little white noise to soothe your frazzled nerves,check out Pure Sounds “unique soundscapes created by PURE to stimulate, inspire and relax.”


The Sensia also comes with a generous 5.7-inch, 640 x 480 pixel high res touchscreen display handy for navigating lists, shifting controls, and scrolling through all the widgets and apps. That’s right, the Sensia has a bunch of PURE Apps including Facebook, Twitter, and Picasa, so you can stay connected to all your friends as you enjoy some tuneage. You can also check out station slideshows or album artwork upping your tactile enjoyment.

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