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QLOCKTWO from Biegert & Funk spells time in smart typography


The most precious commodity in a human being’s life has always been one that is fathomed by an inconsiderate glance at the timepiece on the wall or one’s own body – all in pursuit of the selfish need to spend that commodity called “time” wisely and to our own advantage. Which brings us to the question rarely asked – how much time have you spent in trying to read out “time” itself ? Not more than a few minutes in an entire day, we suppose.

Well, not unless you own this German handmade marvel called QLOCKTWO which demands more than that occasional glance to make sense of time. In this clock there are no numbers, or the industrious pair of “hands”. Instead, QLOCKTWO spells out time only via text – typographic time format in 5 minute intervals combined with four-minute dots. The text that spells the current hour is highlighted using light sensors that can automatically adjust the display to ambient light. The clock itself is made of wood with an acrylic face and glass polished edges. And the changing display doesn’t necessarily mean that the clock is a power guzzler – apparently its LED technology assures a power consumption of less than 2 Watts.

The clock is available in 6 different colors, and can spell time in 6 different languages as well. And if you think all that beauty is gonna come cheap, buzz off. Apparently it has been repriced “affordably” due to popular demand. At €885 or 68 a (time)piece.

Via Design Milk.

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