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Red Carpet Hair – All Year


All of us can get all gussied up- even without the parade of stylists the celebrities have on retainer – and look stunning for one special night. But how do all those stars keep their hair so healthy and beautiful looking all year ’round?

So we asked colorist-to-the-stars, Kazumi at the Beverly Hills Gavert-Atlelier salon, what the secret was.

The East meets West salon (almost all the stylists are Japanese and they employ advanced techniques from Asia) features a proprietary color gloss treatment which only takes 15 minutes but can last for months. For color treated hair, it keeps the color bright and hair shiny.

Kazumi recommends using a color safe shampoo (such as Infenom by Milbon or the color shampoo by Aveda.)

So, even if you can’t get an appointment with Kazumi, ask your stylist for a long-lasting color gloss treatment and have red carpet ready hair all year.

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