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Renault Concept Spa and Car in One

Ah the spa, where all troubles, worries, stressors are meticulously pampered away with facials, scrubs, and messages. Usually a trip to the spa costs a pretty penny, but if French automaker Renault has its way, soon you won’t have to go farther than your car to get that spoiled rotten feeling.


Renault has joined forces with cosmetics maker Biotherm to create the Zoe Z.E. electric car concept. The car is sporting a climate control system that is similar to a spa. In lieu of using air conditioning which can be hard on the skin, the Zoe keeps the air inside the car cool and hydrated, preventing the skin from drying out.

The car also deals with outside toxicity levels by shutting the car’s air vents when the built-in toxicity sensor detects one too many free radicals. But it just wouldn’t be a spa without soothing scents, so the car has been set up to diffuse essential oils created by Biotherm to keep the driver calm no matter what time of the day, using three different scents to take care of morning, noon, and night.

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