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Rumor & Qix: an Eco-Sci-Fi book for Young Adults


Kathleen S. Wilson’s Rumer & Qix: The Race to Terra Incognita traces the adventures of Rumer, a outgoing and curious 16 year journalist, and her robotic animal companion, Qix. Set in Nanjing in the year 3010, Wilson creates a world which has become entirely synthetic, until nature tries to make a comeback. In this eco-themed science fantasy story, we find our heroine bored of her beat covering Alfa, the largest and most successful company on the planet. However, Rumor quickly finds herself stumbling onto an adventure where she takes on global corporate conglomerates, as well as, solving secret family mysteries.

Although Rumor & Qix is Wilson’s first novel, her is writing style is crisp and straight forward. Wilson is able to move the story swiftly move across many themes and sub-plots without losing the reader, even younger ones. Adding a strong female lead character and an eco-message, that avoids heavy handedness, is greatly appreciated and bodes will for Wilson future books.

The book is perfect for young people (girls and boys,) who have an interest in the sci-fi genre in these waning days of summer.

Rumor & Qix is available at

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