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Samsung announces Premium Plus memory cards for Taiwan


Branded memory cards from Samsung are soon set to see the light of a Taiwanese day thanks to Samsung’s interest in fortifying its presence in the flash-memory retail market.

The memory cards from Samsung, called Premium Plus, will be available in SD, microSD and Compact Flash (CF) formats with capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. So what really makes them “premium”? The cards comply with the Secure Digital class 6 ratings for performance. And they are designed for rugged wear – shock-resistant, water-resistant and protected from damage caused by magnetic interference. The memory cards have an average read rating of 17MB/s, with the CF cards upping the ante several notches higher at 45 MB/s. Taiwan will be the first to experience the Premium Plus memory cards when they release this month.

Via Aving.

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