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Sandisk Sansa Clip+ mp3 player looks pretty, plays awesome


The successor to the Sansa Clip mp3 player – the Clip+ – is here and stands every bit as tall as its predecessor did, only, the changes will make you dance even without listening to the music. We swear.

The Sansa Clip+ packs a cute punch with its great looks and almost flawless design. It is sleek, uber compact (2.1 x 1.3 x 0.4 inches), and at 0.9 ounces, weighs a feather. The 1-inch OLED display maybe a little cramped for space, but can be forgiven considering the petite form factor. As regards the functionality, expect great sound quality, support for most audio formats (except AAC), 15-hour battery life, a built-in mic for voice recording and an FM tuner with an autoscan mode and 40 preset slots.

But the greatest gift of all is the microSD card slot which can accomodate preloaded slotMusic and slotRadio cards as well as your own music cards. So what you can look forward is creating your own vast library of portable music that is not even a great burden on the wallet.

Speaking of which, another aspect totally in its favor is that the Sansa Clip+ is unbeatably priced for a player that packs so many features – the 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB options (black, red, and blue) are available at .99, .99, and .99 respectively. The Clip+ is available at Best Buy or SanDisk now, but will move into retail stores in the US starting September 13th. Releases in Europe and Canada are slotted for end-of-year.

Check out a detailed review on CNET.

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