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Scoring Karaoke sniffs out Sinatras in hiding


For all those who secretly think of themselves as rock stars in the making, but are unsure of voicing that thought out loud, maybe you should hold the secret in a bit longer. And consider getting an honest opinion on your singing skills from this silent judge – the Scoring Karaoke Game system.

This karaoke machine has a built-in pitch detector that determines whether your singing is in sync with the song that is being played out, and accordingly gives out a score for your benefit. The microphone communicates wirelessly with its control box, which plugs directly into your television with the included AV cable, freeing you from a typical microphone’s cord that may constrict your movements. The system comes pre-loaded with 100 songs and you can download new songs by plugging the microphone into your computer using the included USB cable or using an SD card (not included).

That’s not to say that great singing is only about pitching or sounding like another person, but you can make a start, nevertheless. And the best part? The secret is always between you and the microphone. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer for 9.95.

Via OhGizmo.

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