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Sensium wireless digital patch makes patient monitoring less painful


Though wireless technology has made our daily lives so much simpler, isn’t it about time that it spread out of the confines of our homes and into life-critical environments such as hospitals? Apparently, it has. As a result of which, we might get to experience (hopefully not) devices such as the Sensium Digital Plaster – a wireless monitoring patch that can be stuck to a patient’s body like a Band-Aid strip, to monitor his/her vital signs.

The disposable wireless patch is powered by “thin” batteries and can give information on a person’s heart rate, temperature and perspiration for a period of several days. It can also interface with smartphones and PDAs, and wirelessly transmit clinical data to your doctor. The device is currently under clinical trial and is expected to complete the first round of trials by end of this year. For those who have experienced the discomfort of being hooked to a bulky, imposing machine that takes away the few remaining moments of peace with its unwanted blips and peaks on the screen, you know what a blessing this alternative can be.

Via The Red Ferret.

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