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Sharp NetWalker: Not Quite a Phone, Not Quite a PC

What do you get when you combine the simple operation of a cell phone with some of the performance of a PC? According to Sharp, you get their new NetWalker PC-Z1. Smaller than your average netbook, this smartbook takes the best features of your mobile phone, PC, and e-book, creating a new mobile internet tool we never knew we needed.


The 5-inch NetWalker has a 1024 x 600 LCD touchscreen display with a quick response feature that allows the smartbook to launch at a blistering 3 seconds. There is also a full QWERTY keyboard which will come in handy for emailing as well as creating spreadsheets and documents. In addition, Sharp plans to provide unique content for the device including specialized dictionaries, comics, and other literary fare turning it into a e-book/electronic dictionary.

The PC-Z1 runs on the Linux Ubuntu OS and is powered by a 800MHz Freescale i.MX515 CPU and has 512MB of RAM. It also has approximately 10 hours battery life and 4GB worth of memory that can be supplemented via the microSD Memory Card/microSDHC Memory Card slot.

Set to launch in Japan on September 25th for 8, there’s no word on whether this little beauty will be reaching U.S. shores anytime soon.

Via Akihabara News

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